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GreenWonder 10 Degreaser
Product Category: 
Cleaner & Degreaser
Content Size: 
Liter (Ltr.)
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GreenWonder TM     
Sr. No.  Item   Uses              

 1.      GreenWonder 10    removes oil, grease,  permanent marker pen writing, organic                                                                      

           haze, finger mark etc.              

Applications where you can use GREENWONDER products 
Automotive Components Cleaning            

Engine Degreasing & Cleaning  Piston Ring Degreasing & Cleaning          

Bearing Manufactures  Fasteners            

Naval / Maritime  Military Aircraft and Ship Cleaning            

Rust Prevention  Floor and Shop Cleaners                          

Dip Tank Cleaning  Spray Wash Cleaning                                

Immersion Cleaning  Ultrasonic Cleaning                                    

Brake Cleaners  Axle / Wheel Cleaners                                

Aluminum Cleaner  Coil Cleaning                                            

 Rinse Agents / Drying Agents  Interior Tank Truck Cleaning                    

 Locomotive Cleaners  Airlines                                                      

 Railways  Tray Cleaners                                            

 Glass Cleaner Flash rusting prevention                              

 Hydro testing / Leak testing  

Recommanded Usage dilution with water  ( v/v ) for GreenWonder 10 & 20 
    Application      Suggested Dilution ( v/v ) 
1. For using in Ultrasonic machines    5 to 10 %  
2  For removing oil & grease or rust protection      ( dipping application ) 10 % 
3. For very heavy duty oil & grease removal                     10 to 20%                              

4. For using by high pressure water jet                                 2 to 3 %                              

5. For removing finger marks                                                5 to 10 % 
6. For removing permanent marker pen marks                     33 to 50 %      ( use with cloth and rub over marks )   

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